In supply chain management, cargo movement to meet specific fulfilment needs is very critical. In the not so perfect world, there are always timing issues which could have affected the production and order fulfilment especially when reacting to a highly fluctuating demand and market. In addition, as the oil price has been on the upside trend over the years, cost savings on freight is no longer the only option applied. We provide both warehousing and distribution center services to our clients, as specifically designed to the individual requirements.
Warehousing: Customers can maximize the cost savings of transportation via combination of lower cost freights such as ocean or trucking, along with storing their products in a warehouse till it is needed. The warehousing plan can both be short and long term as flexibily catered to individual customer's requirement.

Distribution Center: Customers with high product throughput or inventory movement usually require a warehousing package which represents advanced management of the inventory in and out, storage, and system related maintainance. Distribution center is primarily designed and designated for such purpose. Physical location of the DC is usually closer to the airport or seaport for easy access. As a free port, HK is one of the most popular DC for the APAC supply chain needs.