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Air freight is the fastest shipment method for both domestic and international shipments. Cargo is loaded to the cargo, passenger, or charter aircraft to ensure on time delivery to the destination. Shipping via air has the best control over the delivery date and time compared to other options for international freights.

International: With our extensive network throughout the world, we offer cargo movement of any size to any international destinations, with huge focus on shipments between North America, Europe, and Asia. We have the expertise in documents preparation and processing as well as highly efficient operation workforce that track and monitor shipments, further provide immediate actions to any unexpected incidents including cargo offload, flight delay, shipment missing and damages.


Domestic: In addition to international shipments, we also specialized in cargo movements between domestic shipping points. Countries such as North America and China have many domestic locations which require time coordination and arrangement in order to connect with international flights. In order to ensure shipments flow without delay, our staff constantly maintain close contact with the carriers.

Charter Flight: In an effort to increase customer satisfaction, we have expanded our services to include charter freight services between world's major economies. The routes include shipments from China to US and vice versa, as well as between China and Europe. This critical upgrade has enabled us to mitigate risks in space allocation, more control of shipments, contributing to the success of our customers in meeting their targeted delivery date. We are the top ranking master consolidator in 2009 (Europe routing).


Ocean Freight has been a highly popular shipment method of international shipments especially for cargo with heavy weights. It has become more important as a result of the ever increasing oil price over the years. Shipping via vessels represents significant savings towards the shipping costs. Customers can flexibly select LCL or FCL options depending on the cargo size.

LCL (Less than Container Loads): When cargo size does not occupy a full container, it can be arranged to ship via ocean freight as well. Cargo will be delivered to the terminal warehouse, where the processing is completed prior to container loading. Small items or boxes will be palletized for loading/unloading using a forklift, whereas big items will be crated in a custom-made solid wooden crate, providing maximum protection to the cargo especially furniture or high value goods.

FCL (Full Container Loads): Other than small shipments, customer also has options to utilize containers in sizes of 20', 40', as well as 40' Hi-Cube. When shipping in a full container, the schedule is more controllable as it can be lifted to the vessel as soon as the shipment is ready. Big size cargo such as vehicle and machinery are usually the products packed in a container. Customers with high volume shipments also utilize full container to maximize the cost savings. Unlike LCL, FCL cargo can be loaded via live load which the trucker will wait for the cargo loading prior to returning to the ocean terminal. The container can also be dropped off at the customer's dock which it will be picked up after customer has completed the cargo loading. Customer can also deliver cargo to the warehouse or terminal where the container loading is accomplished.




Moving cargo via truck within countries such as North America and China can realize cost savings. Compared to other shipment methods, trucking is more cost effective as the charge is lower than air, but slightly higher than ocean freight. More importantly, the transit time can be dramatically shortened. This is especially true when shipping across different countries in Europe. The combination of road, air or ocean freight assists in total cost deduction.

Road Freight is flexible in terms of handling time and cargo size. Shipments can be loaded partially (less than truckload) and full truckload, both in individual boxes as well as in pallets. Value added services such as extra security, expedited, and tracking can be arranged as needed.