Customs Brokerage is a requirement for any international shipments imported in or exported out of a country. Same rules apply to the cargo movement in and out of bonded areas or warehouses for many countries. Upon arrival of the shipment, acting on behalf of the client customs broker clears shipment via submitting documents and/or electronic submissions (such as TradeLink) to the authorities, paying taxes, duties, and miscellaneous charges according to the local regulations.


We have the expertise to support our clients to process and handle all types of cargos in and out of all international locations. We are highly focused and experienced in handling import and export processing especially for those locations where our local offices possess the knowledge, experience, and latest information of any policy changes. In such, huge advantage of mitigating any potential risks of costly delays or seizure of the cargo. Clients simply appoint us as their customs broker and we will do the rest. Additionally, we can further arrange the shipment to the designated destination without fail.








Insurance is a necessity for all shipments especially of those valuable goods. When delivery involves multiple shipping points, insurance plays an even more critical role to ensure the buyer or the seller bears minimum risks to any potential lost or damages during transit.

Depending on the shipping terms, the insurance coverage can be exclusively customized to the particular cargo. We are connected to a wide selection of highly experienced cargo insurers to meet our customer needs. Through our years of relationship and partnership with the insurers, they provide competitive rates and simplified claim processing, aiming to satisfy our clients.